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WHY Rogers-Otsego Youth Baseball Association (ROYBA)?

·         Established in 2003, community based organization run by volunteers administering a comprehensive youth baseball program with over 700 players.

·         As a non-profit organization, one of our main goals is to give back to the community:

Ø   Spends $10,000 ANNUALLY on field maintenance and improvements in Rogers and Otsego.

Ø  Built two fields (Walburga #1 and #2) at a cost of over $30,000.

Ø  Donated $5,000 to help pay for the fences at the Otsego Prairie Park baseball fields.

Ø  Funded improvements to the Rogers High School varsity, junior varsity and dugouts for the Girls varsity softball fields at a cost of over $35,000.

Ø  Continually working with local municipalities to build new fields and improve existing facilities. 

·         Provides a place for all players, from 5 to 19 years old.

·         Affiliated with , the largest baseball association in Minnesota.  Being affiliated with a large organization allows us the flexibility to play in leagues with neighboring communities, which limits travel while also providing teams the option to play in tournaments as near or as far away as a team chooses to travel.

·         Teams are age and skill level appropriate.  By supporting travel and non-travel teams with various levels at each age, we can provide players a place to play against players of the same age or grade and similar skill levels.   9 year olds aren't playing against 12 year olds, making it safer for the younger player while challenging the older player, which makes it a more enjoyable experience for all players.

·         Travel programs for ages 9 -14.  Most age levels offer a variety of skill levels (AAA, AA & A) which provides more players the opportunity to experience competitive baseball against other communities.

·         All Travel Teams have the opportunity to earn an entry to local, state, regional AND national tournaments. 

·         In 2013, 8 of the 12 travel teams earned the right to play in State Tournaments.  Several teams earned berths to NATIONAL tournaments!!!

·         ROYBA also puts a lot of effort and focus on providing a great experience for the non-travel teams.  Non-travel teams play a full schedule, participate in playoffs and have the opportunity to play in a state recreational tournament against other communities.

·         Hosts travel and non-travel playoffs and tournaments.  In 2014, ROYBA will host 3 tournaments including two state tournaments!

·        Offers FREE off season training sessions.

·        Players and coaches have the opportunity to attend/participate in the MYAS, Gopher State Baseball and Minnesota Twins Training Academy.

·        Partners with other local communities and professional organizations to provide affordable off-season clinics and training.

http://rogersyouthbaseball.org/physica- training-athletes.html